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What is a Neurologist?
A neurologist is a medical doctor with specialized training in diagnosing, treating and managing disorders of the brain and nervous system. A neurologist's  more...
  Dr Evans is the author of 220 journal publications and 75 book chapters.

Below you will find a selection of Dr. Evans' publications. Please click on the title of any that may be of interest to read.

A rational approach to the management of chronic migraine
Botox for chronic migraine
Diagnostic testing for migraine and other primary headaches
A Review of Headache
Headaches during childhood
Headaches in woman
Headaches over the age of 50
Migraine a question and answer review
The challenge of new daily persistent headache
New daily persistent headache a question and answer review
Alcohol hangover headache A survey of neurologists on self treatment and treatment of their families
Assessing cardiac risk prior to the use of triptans A survey of family doctors on the likeability of migraine
A survey of neurologists on the likeability of headaches and other neurological disorders A survey of injuries among broadway performers
Alcohol and cluster headaches Adherence to prophylactic migraine medication
  Airplane descent headache   Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
Are cannabis based chemicals helpful in headache Ascertainment of photophobia and phonophobia during migraine preferred close ended questions
Are triptans effective and safe when taken during the aura phase of migraine Botulinum toxin injections for headache
Bruxism tmd Behcet syndrome and headache
  Bilateral paroxysmal hemicrania   Beta blockers for migraine
Bending the rule of monotherapy for migraine prevention Burning mouth syndrome
Benign or sinister distinguishing sah from migraine Confusional migraine or photoepilepsy
Cluster and other nonmigraine primary headaches with aura Case studies of uncommon headaches
Dr Lecter's Convulsive Syncope   Daily triptans for headache
Diagnostic testing for chronic daily headache Droperidol and other neuroleptics
Exploding head syndrome Exploding head syndrome followed by sleep paralysis
Etiology and treatment of new onset daily headache Evaluation and management and current procedural coding for headache
Female migraineurs are much more likely to blink in a flash photograph than controls Headache at onset of acute cerebral ischemia
Glossopharyngeal neuralgia Greater occipital neuralgia can cause facial paresthesias
Greater occipital nerve and other anesthetic injections for headaches Herpes zoster ophthalmicus
Hyperventilation syndrome Headaches and pineal cysts
Headache and pituitary tumors Hemicrania continua a question and answer review 1 12
Headache and a pupil sparing third nerve palsy Headache and carotid cavernous fistula
Headache in cervical artery dissections Hemicrania continua like headache a vagal cephalalgia
Headache in the emergency department Idiopathic intracranial hypertension in pregnancy
Is a MRI indicated in a child with new onset daily headache Is it migraine or cluster
Is sumatriptan use safe during pregnancy Light sensitivity in migraineurs
Lingual nerve injury Motion sickness and migraine
Mild closed head injury and headache Information for Patients for ACHE Migraine with transient unilateral hearing loss and tinnitus
Migraine psychiatric co morbidities and treatment Medicolegal aspects of headache medicine case 4 the migraine that wasn't
Migraine and fibromyalgia Migraine with persistent visual aura
Management of basilar migraine Management of pseudotumor cerebri during pregnancy
Migraine and the presidency clinical lessons from history practical neurology 12 11 Migraine and cluster headache co-existence, laterality, and gender
Migraine and oral contraceptives Migraine and photosensitivity
Migraine and vertigo Migraine aura vs tia during pregnancy
Migraine versus probable migraine Migraine vs MS
Migraine with aura during pregnancy Migrainous aura vs TIA in an elderly migraineur
Monocular visual aura with headache retinal migraine Nummular headache
Natural or alternative medications for migraine prevention New daily persistent headache
New onset migraine in the elderly Orgasmic headaches
Occipital nerve blocks and managed care Orgasm and Migraine
Pseudosinus headaches Periodic hypnic migraine
Persistent idiopathic facial pain Persistent migraine aura
Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors and migraine Postictal headache and migraine
Postpartum headaches Posttraumatic headaches neurol clinics 2004
Pretrigeminal neuralgia Posttraumatic hemicrania continua
Pseudo-pseudotumor cerebri QT prolongation with migraine medications
Retinal Migraine Red ear syndrome
Remitting cph or eph Reversible palinopsia and the alice in wonderland syndrome associated with topirimate
side locked and side shifting primary headaches Stabbing headache in a teenager
SAH or migraine Septoplasty for migraine
Should you screen for an aneurysm in a migraineur Spontaneous intracranial hypotension resulting in coma
Spontaneous low cerebrospinal fluid pressure syndrome can mimic primary cough headache Triptan preference for the individual patient
Target doses and titration doses for migraine preventive medications The headaches that awaken us
The young woman with postpartum thunderclap headache Thomas Jefferson's headache episodic daily migraines
Unilateral paresthesias due to hyperventilation syndrome Transient aniscoria in a migraineur
Transient global amnesia and migraine Transient headache with numbness of half the tongue
Transient visual loss, lower extremity monoparesis,and sudden sharp headaches precipitated by long car trips The association of obesity with episodic and chronic migraine
The sexagenarian woman with new onset cluster headaches When can successful migraine prophylaxis be discontinued
Your headache is a cow  


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